Consulting Universities




Education professionals from the following universities – North Carolina State University, College of Education; Northern Kentucky University, Center for Integrative Science and Mathematics; Purdue University, College of Education; University of Cincinnati, College of Education – participated in the academic development of the Clever Crazes educational resources, ensuring that the CCK academics support and enhance state standards curricula.


North Carolina State University

Dr. Carla C. Johnson is the Executive Director of the Artificial Intelligence Academy, Faculty Research Fellow and Professor in the College of Education at North Carolina State University. Dr. Johnson is an internationally-recognized scholar in STEM education, publishing over 300 articles, books and chapters on STEM - including being the lead Editor of the Handbook of Research on STEM Education that was published in 2020 and is being used around the globe to provide evidence-based best-practice in PK-20 STEM education.

Dr. Carla C. Johnson is also the STEM Education Academic Advisor to Clever Crazes for Kids® (CCK). Dr. Johnson’s role with CCK is to facilitate the use of the CleverCrazes.com resources within K-8 grades in traditional classrooms and after-school programs.

Dr. Johnson continues to lead the Clever Crazes STEM+ curriculum. Clever Crazes is honored to have Dr. Johnson in this leadership role.

In addition to being a former science teacher, Dr. Johnson has served in many national leadership roles, including President of the National Middle Level Science Teachers Association, Council Member for the National Science Teachers Association, and most recently, Board Member of the School Science and Mathematics Association. She has also been the Editor of the School Science and Mathematics Journal and has been involved as a professional development consultant nationally for many years and has published internationally recognized research in the areas of effective professional development and improving teacher quality, as well as STEM policy and practice.


Northern Kentucky University, Center for Integrative Science and Mathematics

Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics (CINSAM) was established in 2000 by the Council on Postsecondary Education as NKU’s Program of Distinction. We are dedicated to enhancing the teaching, learning, and application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at preschool through undergraduate levels, and around our region. CINSAM works to promote enthusiasm, excellence, and equity in education at P-16 levels by advancing and integrating teaching, learning, and scholarship in the STEM disciplines.  CINSAM is proud to partner with Clever Crazes for Kids around a common mission to support STEM education.


University of Cincinnati, College of Education

The College of Education at the University of Cincinnati (UC) is dedicated to making a difference in its communities through outreach, academic programs, and community partnerships. The students and faculty work side-by-side with teachers because UC values experiential learning as an important element in coursework and degree programs. Current research is incorporated into every course to ensure that graduates are prepared to address the most urgent challenges of our society.

The College of Education is the home of teacher licensure, undergraduate, and graduate programs. The College of Education contains more than 50 full-time faculty members and serves approximately 1600 undergraduate and 700 graduate students in classrooms both on campus and online.

An important goal for the College of Education at the University of Cincinnati is to improve outcomes for students in high-needs schools by preparing professionals who recognize the moral imperative to teach all children. They prepare educators who are committed to issues of social justice, caring about each individual, and competent in evidence-based practice and data-driven decisions. Instilling 21st-century skills, information and communication, thinking and problem solving, and interpersonal relationships and self-direction provides the foundation for the College of Education’s work, preparing educators who support self-determination, advocacy, and empowerment for the most disenfranchised students.

Our earliest STEM curriculum was guided by a team of educators led by Dr. Carla Johnson, in her role as associate professor of Science Education at the UC College of Education. Also participating in the curriculum development was Kathy Hoover, EdD, (University of Arkansas, BSE; Texas Wesleyan University, MEd; University of West Florida, EdD).