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Why is an important educational tool for After-School Programs?

Clever Crazes for Kids® (CCK) is an Always FREE, Always FUN, educational enrichment website and app with animation, educational games, and activities that make it exciting and engaging for kids, bringing them back to the site again and again. We are delighted with the terrific response from the after-school programs that have joined us since we expanded our program and our reach.

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Our curriculum is fully STREAM integrated. is always updating and adding new educational materials. CCK has added “You and the World of Art,” including visual art, dance, and music, further extending the concept of critical thinking for your students. The “Art” turns STEM into STEAM. CCK also added “You the Reader,” a gold standard in e-learning, learn-to-read programs. “Reading” turns STEAM into STREAM. brings to K-8 after-school programs across the country new and exciting ways to engage kids in learning about the STREAM disciplines. Students will see how Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics are integrated into their everyday lives. Watch your students’ confidence grow as they develop a fundamental love of learning. Be sure to check out “Safe Routes to School!”

The CCK curriculum team followed many state standards in science and social studies and significant Common Core concepts in mathematics and English, as well as 23 educational associations and professional organizations when developing the grade appropriate, scaffolded educational materials. Among its objectives are to:

  • Engage students and support state standards in science and social studies with educational games and activities
  • Support the Common Core concepts and enhance test scores and grade point averages (GPA) with skill and drill exercises
  • Promote good citizenship and ethical behavior
  • Help students build their physical fitness and strength in the Step It Up and Kickstart Your Brain® fitness challenge
  • Supplement your program by using the STEM Expedition Lesson Plans with their problem-based approach to teaching science and social studies concepts
  • Allow students to work independently or collectively as a group with minimal staff involvement
  • Have students play as a group, which is a great STREAM team building activity as “kids teach kids” by building on one another's experiences and understandings
  • Introduce “You and the World of Art,” which includes visual art, dance, and music
  • Introduce and improve reading skills with “You the Reader,” a gold standard e-learning, literacy program, beginning in PreK

To enhance reading comprehension in grades K-3, the educational learning games in those grades have voice-overs so the kids can read along, thus creating a rich experience for the students as they play and learn on

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The Step It Up and Kickstart Your Brain® fitness challenge is an essential part of academic learning. According to neurosurgeon John Tew, MD, “It turns out that as important as exercise is for your body, it's even more important for your brain. Twenty minutes of aerobic exercise stimulates growth of new synapses, facilitates grasp of more complex materials, and adds new nerve cells, which support recent memory acquisitions.” “Kimmie in the Gymmie” features a live-action, certified personal trainer who will guide your students, grades K-8, through the Step It Up and Kickstart Your Brain® fitness challenge.

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