7. Curriculum Use for Individuals and Groups

Clever Crazes for Kids® offers a variety of engaging educational game experiences for students that can be used as a great way to motivate learning within the K-8 classroom. CCK can be used for enrichment, remediation, and differentiation of learning for students within the STREAM content areas: Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

There are three main ways that Clever Crazes can be used in the K-8 classroom:

1. Individual instruction
This program is well-suited for the instruction of individual students. CCK is easy to use and can meet the needs of a wide range of students across the entire spectrum of learning. It provides assistance to those who are in need of additional reinforcement to gain understand- ing of a concept while also offering greater challenges for those who have mastered the content and are ready to learn more.

2. Small group instruction
Clever Crazes offers a great opportunity for educators to set up learning centers where small groups of students can explore and use CCK for enrichment and remediation, enabling the lessons to reach many different types of learners on numerous levels.

3. Whole group instruction
Clever Crazes can be used as a way to bring inquiry into the classroom by engaging students in one or more of the “worlds” that align with concepts to be taught. The group leader can use a SmartBoard or other means of projecting the site onto a screen and guide students as a group through the educational games and activities.

The opportunities for learning within the CCK website extend well beyond a basic course curriculum. Clever Crazes has developed a series of problem-based lessons that focus on STEM principles. These lessons are called CCK STEM Expeditions. The CCK STEM
Expeditions are designed for use within grade bands: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each CCK STEM Expedition Lesson Plan includes a week of content building with essential questions, a vocabulary bank, goals, and objectives.
Following the week of preparation is a week of activities with a problem or challenge to reinforce the concepts. The CCK STEM Expeditions were developed using a spiral approach to build student understanding of the concept that can be introduced in K-2, built upon in 3-5, and further mastered in grades

Problem-based learning begins by presenting students with a challenge, question, or scenario for them to solve in teams, where they will work together to investigate, collect, and analyze data, formulate conclusions using evidence, and propose a solution or answer to the problem that is grounded in their data and knowledge of the real world.