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5. Curriculum Integration, 10 Academic Worlds, and

The CleverCrazes.com curriculum integrates academic areas of focus that we call “worlds” and “Safe Routes to School” for grades K-8. Students will learn STEAM content by adding Art to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students will explore more than 50,000 interesting and exciting facts and questions and more than 150 educational games. Additional worlds may be added from time to time. The current features of the Clever Crazes curriculum are:

You and the World of Art

In this world, students learn about visual art, dance, and music and how these disciplines interact with various aspects of their lives. This world expands students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills by drawing connections between the arts and the principles of STEM.

You and How Things Work

In this world, students learn about physics, chemistry, and associated topics such as heat, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. Your students will also explore the properties and characteristics of matter and be introduced to scientific practices.

You in Outer Space

Your students will explore our solar system, our universe, and other galaxies. Some special points of focus are Earth, the sun and moon, and other objects in the sky, as well as how people observe and interact with outer space.

You and Our Home Planet

Here, students will learn about Earth's structure, the properties of Earth's materials, and our weather. This world also explores relationships between the populations, resources, and environments of the planet.

You and Biodiversity

In this world, students will learn about the diversity of life on Earth through exploration of living things, their life cycles, and the environments they inhabit. Kids will also see how living and nonliving things work together to form a healthy ecosystem.

You and Your Insides

In this world, your students will examine the human body, including the skeletal, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, and nervous systems. Kids will also learn about growth and development, life cycles, and strategies for learning.

You the Time Traveler

This world explores history and social studies. Students will learn how individual people and cultures of the past have helped shape today’s world. Geography, timelines, and recognition of artifacts are also addressed in this curriculum.

You and Your Money

Here, students learn how money is earned, spent, saved, and donated to help others. This world also introduces students to the concepts of financial literacy, including supply and demand, career preparation, and fiscal responsibility.

You the Citizen

This world helps kids to understand the meaning of citizenship. Kids learn that being a good citizen is about helping others and their communities. This curriculum also teaches about the US government and the values and principles of democracy.

You the Athlete

Your students will learn to identify healthy behaviors, such as getting fit, eating smart, and being safe. Topics range from causes of disease and consequences of drug abuse to the physiology of nutrition. Kids also learn about self-esteem, ethics, bullying, appropriate social behavior, and how to be a good friend.

Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School button leads to activities inspired by the national program of the same name. Here kids learn about pedestrian, bicycle, and personal safety; how to utilize streets and sidewalks safely; to plan safe paths to their favorite destinations; and to recognize and appreciate the features of their communities and how to preserve them.