2. Our Clever Crazes for Kids® Curriculum, National Associations, and Professional Organizations

CleverCrazes.com is always updating and adding new educational materials. For example, since I recorded my website video, CCK has added “You and the World of Art,” including visual art, dance, and music, further extending the concept of critical thinking for your students. The “Art” turns STEM into STEAM. CCK also added “You the Reader,” a gold standard in e-learning, learn-to-read programs. “Reading” turns STEAM into STREAM. CleverCrazes.com brings to K-8 classrooms and after-school programs across the country new and exciting ways to engage kids in learning about the STREAM disciplines. Students will see how Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics are integrated into their everyday lives. Watch your students’ confidence grow as they develop a fundamental love of learning.

In creating the 3.0 website and the CCK STEM Expeditions curriculum (lesson plans), the CCK curriculum team followed many state standards in science and social studies and significant Common Core concepts in mathematics and English, as well as 23 educational associations and professional organizations when developing the grade-appropriate, scaffolded educational materials. We realize that some concepts taught in the classroom vary from state to state. There- fore, we have developed our CCK STEM Expeditions in leveled grade bands of K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. 

Educators will find the elements for individual state standards and Common Core State Standards from which they can choose. Our educational activities and games enhance and enrich the standards to which you are teaching. We also provide “specials” (extra-curricular activities).

For example:

  1. Step It Up and Kickstart Your Brain®

    Our live-action personal trainer, Kimmie, takes students through 16 specific exercises. Kimmie explains how each activity is correctly performed and how the activities benefit physical health.

  1. You and the World of Art

    This “world” explores the Arts (visual art, dance, and music), providing the critical thinking needed to problem solve.

  1. Safe Routes to School

    In this “special,” our young scholars will learn about personal safety to and from school (and, of course, other destinations). This includes bike safety, walking safety, caring for the local environment, consideration of others, and much more.

Many national associations have now argued for the integration of technology, as well as 21st-century skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking, into the teaching of core content disciplines. Clever Crazes referenced the guidelines of those organizations in the development of content for the website. These include:

American Association for the Advancement of Science American Association of Physics Teachers

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education Association for sTEm Teacher Education

Cable in the Classroom

Council for Economic Education Games in Education

International Reading Association

International Society for Technology in Education

International Technology and Engineering Educators Association National Association for the Education of Young Children National Association for Sports and Physical Education

National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Council for History Education National Council for the Social Studies

National Council of Teachers of English National Council for Teachers of Mathematics National Education Association

National Middle School Association

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association National Science Teachers Association

North American Association for Environmental Education US Geological Survey Education

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